About Me

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My Timeline & Experience

  1. Website Development and Design

    I made, fixed, and improved multiple websites. See the ones I made by Switching to my web work

  2. Online Store SEO

    I took an online tool store from the bottom to #1 when searching for their top brand on Google. Their sales tripled until they switched websites and lost thier ranking. I gained experience with SEO and ecommerce. Email me for more information.

  3. Data conversion - Infor SX to Epicor P21

    My first ERP job was to extract a mesh of data from Infor SX and map it to a new system, Epicor's P21. I got experience with old versions of Hyperion and OpenEdge Progress. Email me for more information.

  4. Acctivate - Inventory integration

    My second ERP job was smaller as I learned Acctivate, which is QuickBooks inventory management software. I was tasked with implementing the inventory aspect of Acctivate into a manufacturing company that wasn't using it. I gained experience with Acctivate, Quickbooks, Crystal Reports, Microsoft SQL Server. Email me for more information.

  5. Acctivate Certified Consultant

    I became an Acctivate partner and later a certified consultant.

  6. Acctivate Complete Implementation

    This job is still in progress. I am implemementing Acctivate completely into another manufacturing company that has previously only worked with paper and Excel. This is giving me more experience with Acctivate, Quickbooks, Crystal Reports, and Microsoft SQL Server. I have or will be implementing: Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Inventory (including barcodes), Reports, costs, pricing, and much more. Email me for more information.